söndag, januari 29, 2012


Iggy demanded that we'd get her a Sackboy aka the character from Little big planet to play with IRL. As with all 5 year olds, she wanted it now, now, now. Being a cheap-arsed lazy mother I am, she did get one right away...

I'm rather amazed she was pleased with it.

söndag, januari 22, 2012


If I was to describe my style I guess you could say Nina Hagen meets Liberace with an unintended touch of soccermom.
Without the minivan though, not even a license!
I do have a bike (prettiest of them all), (124 bottles of nailpolish) and the dog has 3 footballs (all found/stolen).

The site in the picture is Alizarine claws.You should have a visit.

söndag, januari 15, 2012

Nothing like..

..hitting the local library and getting more books than you can carry. Not just that, but also spotting two books by a writer you've been wanting to read; T.C Boyle.

It would have been even better if I had found a book by Joyce Carol Oates that I hadn't read yet. Oh wait, I did just that!

fredag, januari 13, 2012

A fresh start

Almost 11 years ago, I started my first blog. In english. A good 5 years later I started a swedish blog. Then I got bored and did what everybody else was doing; I started a 3rd blog and then a 4th...and it just continued like that until I feel out of blogging. I just didn't have it in me anymore.

Recently I've gotten all nostalgic about the olden golden days; Ah, nothing is like it was 2001 when I was younger, had more to say and even more time to do just that.
I guess what I am saying is that I am trying to get back in the saddle, even though my horse has a fugly layout. Can't judge a horse by it's cover.